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Online/Remote Machine Monitoring

Online Machine Monitoring


If your plant machinery is critical to your operations then real-time machine monitoring is a must have. Sensors can be permanently fitted to your machine and routed back to local monitoring panel in a safe area. The local monitoring panel can be either connected to your computer network or operated standalone. The local monitoring panel displays the machine health in the form of traffic light indicators, enabling any operator to be confidant of the machine health status.


Our machine monitoring products are manufactured by IFM, a global company renown for high quality. IFM manufacture sensors and instruments for almost any application. The range includes;

  • Flow sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Condition monitoring
  • Temperature sensors
  • Level sensors
  • Proximity switches
  • Encoders
  • Water in oil sensors
  • Valve position

At the heart of the system is a high speed processing card. The card is capable of measuring and analysing data without any operator interaction. The large on-board memory also ensures no data is lost and can be reviewed at a later stage. Features include;

  • 4 x channels for vibration
  • 2 x 4…20mA inputs for process measurements
  • 8 x digital inputs / outputs
  • 1 x 4…20mA output
  • Ethernet capability

Remore Machine Monitoring


Using sim-card technology we can advise, supply and install remote machine monitoring systems that are located almost anywhere in the world. Data is fed from permanently mounted sensors to a local monitoring panel. The local monitoring panel has a local display, but is also periodically able to upload data to a secure web-server. Being on a web-server the data can then be analysed or viewed by anyone who is connected to the internet anywhere in the world. Benefits include:

  • Alarm notification via email or SMS
  • Event Logging
  • Modbus Master Protocol
  • Transparent encapsulation of serial protocols
  • Communication TCP/IP on data network GPRS
  • Optimization of the use of cellular network
  • Automatic reconnection from loss of link