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Condition Monitoring - Other Services

NW Total also provides a selection of services that complement our core services. These have a variety of different aims that vary from energy/money saving to different types of monitoring techniques that assist in giving you the clearest possible picture of the health of you plant.

Air Leak Detection


Ultrasound Air Leak Detection is a non-disruptive survey that can detect all of the leaks in your compressed air system, however small, even if they are undetectable to the human ear. With the vast costs in producing compressed air it is vital for any plant not to waste any.

All the leaks are tagged onsite and a comprehensive report showing all of the leaks found along with an estimate of the potential cost savings is emailed followed by a hard copy in the post.

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Oil Analysis


Oil Analysis is the earliest warning system in identifying potential problems. Working with our partners we have access to a fully accredited laboratory. Our Oil Analysis service includes the testing of lubricant oils, hydraulic oils and transformer oils. Testing such fluids can assess the performance and efficiency of your machinery. Testing of the oil can result in significant cost savings in downtime and component life extension.

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