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Thermal Imaging

The possibility of downtime or fire due to something as simple as a loose connection can’t be ignored. Thermal Imaging is one of the easiest ways to start a condition monitoring program. It is a non-disruptive technique proven to help reduce energy costs and avoid the unexpected.

Thermal Imaging can identify a wide variety of electrical and mechanical problems such as, loose connections, overloaded or under-rated cables, along with any changes in motor loading to misalignment. Identifying these problems will help you to reduce power wastage, reduce the risk of fire and breakdowns while also potentially reducing your insurance premiums.

Fuse Example


This is a classic example of a connection problem on a single phase fuse. The energy is being generated around the bottom connection on the fuse and conducting down through the cable. The fuse needs to be removed and all associated connections cleaned and retightened.

Contactor Example


Loose or poor connections are common on electrical contactors because of the continuous energising and de-energising of the circuit. In this example the loose or poor connection can clearly be seen. On closer examination it is noted that a further problem is developing on the top right hand connection.

Motor Example


Motors run at different temperatures dependent on the load they are being subjected to and the amount of cooling they receive from the cooling fan. This image shows a motor that has limited cooling but is also being subjected to higher than normal loading. Constant running at high temperatures will dramatically decrease the component life of the motor. The increase in load on this motor was due to a change in production procedures.


We are members of the UK Thermographic Association (UKTA) with all our engineers trained to the recommended levels using equipment approved by the UKTA.