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Vibration Analysis

vibration analysis

The threat of downtime is an ever present problem that the manufacturing and power generation world must deal with on a daily basis. Not knowing the health of your mechanical equipment can be dangerous as there could be a whole host of problems developing ready to cause trouble without warning, normally at the worst possible moment.


Vibration Analysis is a highly effective way to monitor the health of your machinery and provide you with an early warning system against breakdowns. By taking readings from various positions on a motor, pump or gearbox we can discover any potential problems such as bearing failure, imbalance, and misalignment as soon as they start to form. This allows you to plan your maintenance and eliminate fire fighting maintenance, giving you the confidence to have longer production runs, while reducing repair costs and downtime hours.


Our highly trained and experienced engineers provide a thorough high level survey followed by a comprehensive report within 3 days of the survey. We report any problems before we leave site enabling you to plan right away what you are going to do to fix them. We aim to give you the complete picture regarding the health of every piece of equipment onsite to keep you in control and avoid any nasty surprises.