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Sulphuric Acid Tank

The Problem

Sulphuric Acid was delivered to site in IBC Containers and dosed directly from these into a neutralizing pit from a non-bunded area. The delivering of these involved the lifting of acid filled containers using fork lift trucks which was a hazardous operation. In addition the operatives had to wear full PPE equipment (chemical suits etc..) when dosing acid to the neutralizing pits.

The Solution

NW Total designed a system where a large Sulphuric Acid Tank is housed inside a concrete bund with a chemical coating. Acid is delivered to this tank via a wagon which is pumped across using a proven compressed air system (pump over). A control panel is used to display the current level of acid in the tank, and has alarms which sound should the tank be overfilled. When dosing the neutralizing pits, this can be done from outside the bund using a specially modified valve with an extended spindle.