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Since its founding over a half century ago, TLV's goal has been to produce dependable, long-lasting steam traps. One early outstanding success was the A3, a thermodynamic steam trap offering an amazing 10 times the durability of previous products. Behind the A3 was the concept of the 'Trouble Less Valve', from which the company name originated. From this solid foundation, the line of products and services has expanded until now, more than 50 years later, TLV has become a Steam Specialist Company - a recognized leader in the steam-engineering field.

TLV's production system manifests the policy of 'Quality First' in the form of its products. It combines high-precision automated machine lines, which incorporate TLV's own unique developments, with the Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) electronics technology for production line operation. Additionally, the entire staff work together as one toward the realization of the 'Quality First' policy being put into action in all processes.

For further details on the TLV range of products, please visit www.tlv.com/global/UK