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Condensate recovery pumping system


By using a condensate recovery system, the normally wasted energy in a steam system is recycled by recovering the condensate and returning back to the boiler hot well feed tank. Not only does it save energy in heating new water, it also reduces the cost of chemical dosing as the recovered condensate has already been treated.


The pump set is available as a single pump set or a twin pump unit. The pump(s) on the unit are sized at 100% of the duty, with a cascade operation (twin pump units) should the design duty be exceeded. The twin pump also incorporates an auto change over function.

The pumps used are a multi-staged with a stainless steel body and can handle condensate up to 99°C.

Dependant on the size of the pump set, the unit can be supplied in either 240v 1ph or 400v 3ph. The control panel has indicator lights for powered on, pump run/trip, hand selector for pump action and lead pump selector. Door interlocker isolator. The panel is supplied complete with volt free contacts for pump tripped and level alarms for connecting to the BMS.

Cost Savings

In addition we also design and build a package with inverter driven pumps, this will be controlled by level probes on the tank which in turn will increase the percentage of the pump running speed as the tank level rises and decreases as the level falls, this method will increase efficiency and will show savings on overall energy consumption costs.