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Boiler Effluent Cooling

Technical data

Transfer Pumps - Self priming pumps (draws Condensate effluent from the blow down tank) Pumps are fitted with ST/ST casing impeller and shaft. Electric Motor 415v/3ph . The condensate will be pumped through an existing shell and tube heat exchanger to reduce the temperature. The condensate effluent when cooled will be discharged into a 20 m3 quarantine tank via a Ph probe to monitor the cooled effluent as it enters the tank, this will be displayed on the control panel, if the effluent is above 35 Deg C in the quarantine tank it will be recalculated back through the heat exchanger.

Blow down tank - Is fitted with ultrasonic level control indication with panel mount switching interface, this will provide switching for P1 pump and indicate high level alarm plus continuous read out. Ultrasonic will cope with steam, foaming, high temperature and agitation in tank.

Quarantine tank - also to be fitted with ultrasonic level indication, including panel mounted indicator Switch points for high and low level start and stop for P1 and P2.

Quarantine Storage Compound – A chemical resistant fibreglass lining system to new concrete bund/save all

All internal surfaces of the bund prepared mechanically.

A high quality Crystic resin will be applied to achieve a four-coat system.

  1. Primer coat
  2. One layer of 600-gramme fibreglass matting impregnated with resin
  3. Resin wash
  4. Gel coat (applied after curing and sanding surfaces with 80-grit sand paper to remove all irregularities). The final gel coat is applied for complete seal