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Inactive Tank Farm Unloading System


1990: NW Total Engineered Solutions supplied, maintained & installed equipment to the Inactive Tank Farm (ITF).

1994: NW involved in the refurbishment of the ITF.

2000: NW requested to design a system for ensuring only the correct chemicals were unloaded at the Water Treatment Plant. NW considered various options, including nucleonic, density, ultrasonic (time of flight), and near-infrared. An ultrasonic method was chosen for ease of use and maintenance, case histories and operator compatibility. This system was installed and has worked with minimal maintenance to date.

2003: NW were invited to tender for the ITF Unload Refurbishment and won the tender. The ultrasonic method was chosen due to the site’s previous experience. The ideal solution - that of a dual system - was not possible due to the timescales involved.

Project Scope

The ITF Unloading System comprises 4 road and 2 rail unload points. Four chemicals are involved: kerosene, nitric acid, sodium hydroxide and sodium nitrite.

A new unloading system has been designed to the client’s specifications. This system involves ultra- sonic densichecks, control panels, sampling pots and new pipework.

NW’s role includes: design, fabrication, installation, factory and site acceptance testing and commissioning.